Our factory makes flags for cheetah 4S stores
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Our factory makes flags for cheetah 4S stores

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In September 2017, Shanghai Yingfeng flag factory provided cheetah with the flag hanging production of 4S stores nationwide. This order produced a total of more than 1700 groups of double-sided flag hanging, each group consisting of 3 double-sided printed flag hanging pictures, a total of more than 5100 double-sided flag hanging. Because this order is printed on both sides and requires our factory to provide hanging shafts, assembly, subcontracting delivery, etc., it took nearly 20 days to complete the production period and subcontracting delivery time. In the process of flag hanging production in cheetah 4S store, our factory adopts the relatively advanced digital printing process at present. The picture of this equipment printer is high-definition and not easy to fade, which is the first choice for long-term use of flag hanging production process; In terms of the material selection of the flag hanging at the 4S store of cheetah, the customer chose the relatively cheap and durable material "polyester cloth", which is often referred to as "national flag cloth" and "Chunya textile". Although this material is cheap, it does not affect the quality and printing effect, and has the characteristics of no fading and no deformation. Considering the cost and the need to use the flag hanging at the 4S store for a long time, it is recommended to use this material. Talk less

  • Company name: Jinteng flag Co.,ltd.

  • Company type: Manufacturer

  • Location: China,Zhejiang

  • The scale of company: 100 - 499 People

  • Registered capital: 5000000.00ten thousandDollar

  • Year of Registered: 1989

  • Business scope:   Indoor flags/Outdoor flags/Desktop flags/Handy flags Car/window flags/Animal flags/Ad flags/Chain flags/Gift flags, etc.


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